Our Food Division works seafood products, rice, oils, and grains, fresh and frozen fish.
Also it deals with meat, fruits, vegetables, powder milk, canned soft drinks, and

Between the seafood products we offer:
• Atlantic Salmon, Chum, Wild. (Whole, headless, frozen fillets, and smoked fillets) .
• Hake Hayi Hubbsi (Hoki) whole, HG and fillets.
• Mussel half shell, Mussel mass.
• Horse mackerel, Whole mackerel and HG.
• Caviars.
• Frozen sardines and canned.
• Tuna canned
• Frozen whole and HG giant squid (cuttlefish) in fillets, ring and whole. Squid (Ilex, loligo) whole, clean tubes, and rings.
• Seafood Octopus
• Basa fillets in blend.
• Mahi-Mahi whole and fillets.
• Tilapia in fillets.
• Alaskan Pollock whole and fillets.
• Pollock, frozen whole, fillets and salted.
• Whole frozen cod, HG and salty giant crabs

Our greatest strength in these sea products is in the hake, squid, cod, salmon, Mahi-Mahi, Alaskan Pollock and canned fish.